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Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars, based on 7 metrics
Updated on Mar 30,2013 at 3:25 PM [1years ago] from Mountain View, California, United States

ABOUTBOYS.NET is rated 1.35 out of 7 SEO metrics which we consider as a Below Average rating.

The site seems to be popular in Germany with a rank of #79,519 and brings in 18% of the site's traffic which is 77.70% of the total pageviews to the site. Among the cities, Göttingen, DE tops in bringing the traffic to the site, where it is ranked #512 and brings in 57.30% of the total pageviews and has 34 average page views per visit.

When analyzed on Mar 30, 2013 the site was hosted in NETHERLANDS with the IP address

While reviewing the site, we have considered the following metrics for positive ratings:

  •  Very Good Alexa Global Rank rating (#763,975)
  •  Good Inbound Links (#155) as per Alexa
  •  Excellent SEOMoz Rank (3.00/10)
  •  Excellent SEOMoz Subdomain Rank (3.35/10)
  •  Good Google PageSpeed Score (59/100)
  •  Very Good Alexa Speed Score (79/100)
  •  The site has social shares such as #1 Facebook shares, #4 Twitter Tweets
  •  Promising number of daily visitors (approx. #1,359)

The site was negatively rated due to the following metrics:

  •  Insufficient Inbound Links (#10) as per SEOMoz
  •  Insufficient Google PageRank (0/10)
  •  The site does not have any Delicious Shares or LinkedIn Shares or StumbleUpon Shares or they are still building.
  •  The site does not have MyWot Reputation ratings
  •  The site does not have MyWot Confidence ratings
  •  The site is not yet listed in DMoz directory


Global Rank


Facebook Links


Inbound Links


SeoMoz Total Links

This section provides core information associated to the website which include site speed, content language, safety status and also approximate number of daily visitors to the site and estimated advertisement revenue from the site.

About Boys
Kingdom of boys - All about boys
0.829 Seconds
Lightning Fast
Number of Visitors
Ad Revenue Potential
6.00/Day    180/Month

This section highlight metrics such as ranks assigned by reputed website analytic sites, social links and comments shared though social book markings sites and number of indexes and links to the site from search engines and directory services.

Website Ranks and Scores

Alexa Global Rank
Alexa Rank in United States
579,228  United States
Alexa Rank in Karachi
15,766  Karachi
Google Page Rank
Google PageSpeed Score
SeoMoz Rank  
SeoMoz Subdomain Rank
SeoMoz Domain Authority
SeoMoz Page Authority
SiteRatios Score
MyWot Reputation Score
MyWot Confidence Score

Social Scores

Facebook Shares
Facebook Clicks
Facebook Commentboxes
Facebook Comments
Facebook Likes
Facebook Shares
Facebook Total Shares
Twitter Tweets
Delicious Shares
Linked-in Shares
Stumble-upon Shares

This section gives information about the owner or sponsoring authority of the site like name of the owner and their contact details etc.

No contact data could be found/retrieved for the searched site.

The DNS information gives the IP addresses of the selected domain, its name servers and the mail servers.

Name Servers

0 aboutboys.net.

Dmoz is one of the most reputed website directories used by major search engines. Thus listing the site in DMoz will boost up the site’s reputation so as we have used it for calculating the Site Ratios Score.

aboutboys.net is NOT yet listed in Dmoz directory.
Suggest to list aboutboys.net in Dmoz directory

The IP address which is used to host aboutboys.net that is based in NETHERLANDS

location map

The statistical reports here provide various parameters based on which you can evaluate the performance of aboutboys.net. It has different categories each of which has a graphical and/or numerical representation which makes it more easily understandable. Each of these categories can be viewed for a varying period between one week and a year.

Daily Traffic Trend of aboutboys.net

Shows daily traffic trend of aboutboys.net in different periods like 1 Day, 7 Days, 1 Month and 3 Months.



618,923 0.00


1,474,611 497,949.00


1,088,805 -259,298.00


763,975 -1,080,539.00

Percentage of global internet users

Estimated percentage of global internet users who visit aboutboys.net in different periods like 1 Day, 7 Days, 1 Month and 3 Months.



0.0004 0.00%


0.00009 -51.00%


0.00012 50.00%


0.00014 160.00%

Estimated percentage of page views

Shows estimated percentage of page views by the global internet users on aboutboys.net in different periods like 1 Day, 7 Days, 1 Month and 3 Months.



0.000006 0.00%


0.000002 -12.00%


0.000003 0.00%


0.000007 320.00%

Average page views of a single user

Shows average page views of a single user to aboutboys.net different periods like 1 Day, 7 Days, 1 Month and 3 Months.



1.6 0.00%


2.3 80.00%


2.4 -31.00%


5.3 60.00%

Time spent by a single user on the site

Shows the time, an average user spends on aboutboys.net in different periods like 1 Day, 7 Days, 1 Month and 3 Months.


Visits consist of a single pageview

Estimated percentage of visits that consist only of a single page view for aboutboys.net different periods like 1 Day, 7 Days, 1 Month and 3 Months.


Estimated % of visits that came from a search engine

Estimated percentage of visits from search engines to aboutboys.net in different periods like 1 Day, 7 Days, 1 Month and 3 Months.


Unique Visitors

Shows a graphical representation of unique visitors to aboutboys.net based on the statistics from Compete.com.

compete unique visitors

Visits Rank

Show a graphical illustration of total visits to aboutboys.net based on the analytics from Compete.com

compete visits

Compete Ranks

Rankings of aboutboys.net by Compete.com at different periods are presented graphically.

compete rank

SEMrush Trends of aboutboys.net

Shows graphical image of search engine traffic trend to aboutboys.net at different intervals by Semrush.com.

Backlink history of aboutboys.net from Majestick SEO

Shows back link history of aboutboys.net based on the statistical information tracked by Majestic SEO.

Regional interest over a time period

WOT (Web of Trust) provides rating to websites based on four major components like trustworthiness, Vendor reliability, Privacy and Child safety. Here we provide the MyWOT Scores of the aboutboys.net based on the reputation and confidence, ranging from excellent to very poor.

Reputation Confidence
Trustworthiness No Data 0/5
Vendor Reliability No Data 0/5
Privacy No Data 0/5
Child Safety No Data 0/5

Content of aboutboys.net is categorized by major DOM content types classified by volume of bytes and by number of occurrences.

Resource allocation
(by number of bytes)

Images 44.62%

288,440 Bytes (281Kb)

CSS 31.26%

202,059 Bytes (197Kb)

Java Script 22.55%

145,780 Bytes (142Kb)

HTML 1.57%

10,118 Bytes (9Kb)

Flash 0.00%

0 Bytes (0B)

Text 0.00%

0 Bytes (0B)

Others 0.00%

0 Bytes (0B)

Total 100%

646,397 Bytes (631Kb)

Number of resources used on the root page

CSS Resources 1
Java Scripts 9
Static Resources 12
Total Number of Resources 20
Number of Referenced Hosts 5
Total Requests 2,439 Bytes (2Kb)

Bifurcation of traffic pertaining to aboutboys.net from different sources is illustrated graphically and in detail. They are represented by geographical locations, by user and by page views.

User distribution by Country/Region

User distribution among Countries

Page view distribution among Countries

User distribution among Cities

Page view distribution among Cities

Traffic contribution from sub-Domains

Websites similar to aboutboys.net based on the visitors and their interests.

No sites that are similar to the searched sited could be found/retrieved.

Snapshot of the website is not available at present.

Site Score

Site Score is calculated based on the rankings and scores assigened by reputed websites.

PageSpeed Score

Google PageSpeed score tells whether the website is still far from completely optimized for speed by rating from 0 to 100 while high score being the best.

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